Wish List for early-stage partnering



Immuno-sciences (Treg, Microglia/ Macrophage, Innate Lymphoid Cells)

Genetic Linkage

In Vivo Reprogramming








Targeted Protein Degrader

Engineered antibodies/ bi-specifics

Gene Therapy

RNA Medicine

In Vivo Cell Engineering

Engineered Bacteriophage

Cell Therapy






Our Focus Area Approach

Astellas has established a Focus Area Approach for its research and development strategy. Specifically, our Focus Area Strategy is defined as combinations of three components: (1) biologies with high disease relevance, (2) versatile modalities/technologies, and (3) diseases with high unmet medical needs that are expected to be tackled by the first two components. We view this strategy as a way to build a sustainable, expandable drug discovery approach to develop new platforms, leverage expertise and create innovative products.

The Focus Areas are constantly adapting in response to advances in science and changes in disease treatment paradigms.

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